Field Trial Reports


The 2012/2013 Field Trial season proved once again to be an enjoyable and successful year for the Cocker Spaniel Club of Ireland. The Club succeeded in running three trials this season comprising of one Novice A.V Spaniel and two Open Cocker Confined Stakes.

Once again the Club were privileged to be guests of the Brackenhill Shoot at Cranford in Co. Donegal., at the kind invitation Mr. Stuart McIntosh and his good lady Trish. This Shoot must rank as one of the most ideal grounds for Spaniels where the terrain has all types of cover to allow the dogs to display their hunting ability varying from bracken, rushes, heather, game crop and bramble. The competence of our Steward of the Beat, Mr. S. McIntosh provided us with ideal ground resulting in most dogs receiving a very similar beat leading to equal opportunities as near as is possible in field trials. The game supply was plentiful but still requiring the dogs to display their ability to find game one of the vital qualities in a good working spaniel of any breed as opposed to the bird under every bush situation. The game included pheasant, partridge, woodcock, and duck.

All our Trials for this season were kindly sponsored by the dog food company Trio Bloom Petfoods to whom the Club is very grateful for their continued support and kindness. In addition the Club wishes to thank Mr. Des Elliott who donated two beautiful tankards for Guns Choice in the two cocker trials.

The first trial of the season was held Saturday 27th of October 2012. This Trial was a Novice A.V Spaniel Trial. Judges on the day were Mr. Larry Taaffe and Mr. Brian O'Hara both from Dublin. Our guns for the occasion were Mr. J. Dighnan, Mr. C. Dennedy, Mr. J. McLoughlin, and Mr. G. Turner.

A full Card of 16 entries consisted of 11 Springer Spaniels and 5 Cocker Spaniels. The trial commenced in rushes where partridges were plentiful and some dogs found the temptation just too much while some availed of the chance to put themselves into the second run. Those included Pat Greens Orgest Cwn, Tim Dennehy's Sprucehill Ray, Donal Creamers Cocker Poolgreen Abi, and Tim Dennehy's Sprucehill Angel. As the Trial continued the experience of some dogs became evident while some younger dogs found their first seasons outing just a little too much. In general most of the dogs on the day displayed a good willingness to hunt and take on the ground in good style. On completion of the second runs speculation was rife as to who was in the shakeup for top honours. The judges called three dogs for a runoff, Numbers 1. Orgest Cwn, 8. Sprucehill Ray, and 11. Poolgreen Abi. The runoff resulted in all the above mentioned dogs plus 15. Sprucehill Angel going to water.

At the presentation of awards the Club thanked the Shoot owner Stuart McIntosh and Trish, the Judges, our Sponsors, the guns and the competitors for contributing towards a good and enjoyable sporting day. The traditional food was again served by Trish and was enjoyed by all. The results were as follows:

1st: Mr. T. Dennehy Sprucehill Angel E.S.S. E
2nd: Mr. T. Dennehy Sprucehill Ray E.S.S. VG
3rd: Mr. P. Green Orgest Cwn E.S.S. VG

Sprucehill Angel was the Winner of The Col Scott Moore Perpetual Trophy for the 2012 Season.

The first of the Clubs Open Confined Cocker Stakes took place on Tuesday 13th November.

I had the pleasure of judging this trial with Mr. Dermot Cahill from Co. Cork. Dermot was one of the first men I saw competing with a working cocker in Any Variety Stakes against Springer Spaniels. Guns for this trial were Mr. M. Bateman, Mr. A. Brown, Mr. A. Chadwick, and Mr. D. McClafferty. An entry of 14 Cockers augurs well for the future of the working Cocker. A glance at the programme shows the runners consisted of 11 bitches and 3 dogs.

From the start the quality of hunting and game finding was of a very high standard. Game supply was excellent and included pheasant, partridge, duck, and woodcock. As in most field trials luck plays its part and this occasion was similar. Some dogs were unlucky in retrieves and inexperience proved costly in some cases. As the trial progressed the dogs with experience and rapport with their handlers were coming to the fore. On completion of the two runs we (judges) found we had arrived with four contenders for top awards. This resulted in a runoff between Donal Creamer's Cheweky Gigges and Des Elliot's Abbylara Smarty. A good display of quality hunting by both dogs took some time to divide them with Gigges just getting the nod. Four dogs were then called to water. A successful water meant that another very enjoyable sporting day was nearing completion.

1st: Mr. Ivan Wilson. Ribbleshead Alex. E

Winner of Nire Valley Perpetual Trophy for Cockers. This little bitch gave a top class hunting performance and dealt with all situations that came her way in both runs. She was a clear winner on the day.

2nd: Mr. Clifford Todd. Timsgarry Ninian. E

A very stylish and fast cocker whose ground treatment was excellent. She was unlucky on a retrieve that proved costly.

3rd: Mr. Domnall Creamer. Cheweky Gigges. VG

This dog's record speaks for itself and his power hunting on the day was impressive but his ground treatment left him just behind the dogs placed above him.

4th: Mr. Des Elliot. Abbylara Smarty. VG

This is a very experienced bitch with plenty ability in her hunting. Similar to the dog placed 3rd she was behind the higher placed dogs on the day.

Gun Award. Mr. Domnall Creamer. Cheweky Gigges.

The Clubs final trial of the season took place on the 22nd November 2012. Judges on the day were Mr. Tim Dennehy and Mr. John Butler. Guns for this Trial were Mr. R. Shepherd, Mr. G. Turner, Mr. A. Chadwick, and Mr. P. Cox. On this occasion an entry of 12 dogs took to the field.

The ground was rushes at the start and continued in heather, bracken and bramble. As in the previous trial the standard of hunting was very impressive .All dogs were prepared to face all types of cover and it would be fair to say that no dog could be criticised in the hunting aspect of their performance. As in all Trials some very good dogs were unlucky in their runs. Game was more than plentiful and the trial continued at an enjoyable pace. The results of this trial were as follows.

1st: Mr. Ivan Wilson. Ribbleshead Alex. E

Winner of the Rathbourne Trophy. This bitch gave a performance that had her going for top awards and a very good retrieve on a runner may have given her the edge.

2nd: Mr. Des Elliot. Abbylara Smarty. E

A very impressive hunting performance had to have her in contention. She had to be very close.

3rd: Mrs. N. Rogers. Megfold Ambleside with Connobenali. VG

This bitch handled by Ken Lindsay is a real hard hunter and is capable of handling any type of cover. I did not see enough of her run to comment on only to say what I saw was impressive.

4th: Mr. Paul Murphy. Oldgang Ginger of Jackshea. VG

Again I was not in a position to comment on this dog's performance.

Guns Choice. Mr. Paul Murphy. Oldgang Ginger of Jackshea.

The Club wish to extend thanks to the following, Stuart and Trish, our Sponsors, our Judges, our guns, and the competitors who all contributed towards the success and enjoyment of three sporting days. The Field Trial Committee of the Club comprising of Kay and Tom Creamer, Enda Jennings and your scribe have made every effort to restore the working section of to the day's trialling cockers of the 1980/1990 and then back to the 1930.

The overall standard of the dogs in both trials suggests a healthy future for cockers .One should not be mislead or give the impression that we have reached our goal. Cockers are still a work in progress and will be for some time but taking into account the comments and honest assessments of respected judges over the last three seasons it would be fair to say Cockers are progressing and hope will continue to do so.

Pat Cox.

Field Trial Secretary



The Cocker Spaniel Club of Ireland held this year's two Open (Confined) Cocker Trials on 15th and 24th of November 2011. Both Trials took place on the Bracken Hill Shoot at Cranford, County Donegal, by kind invitation of Mr. Stuart McIntosh Shoot Proprietor.

The scenic location of the Shoot became obvious as Judges, Competitors, Stewards and Spectators arrived at the section of the Grounds allocated to the Trials. This was hillside and small valleys as far as the eye could see. The Ground consisted of bracken, heather, rushes and bramble resulting in all dogs receiving similar Ground and as was to transpire very similar opportunities relating to Game also.

This is an ideal Spaniel Ground which had all the ingredients to ask all the questions of good Spaniels. Should the complementary remarks of all in attendance be considered this Ground was the real deal.

With the fresh morning air filling their lungs, the line takes that first step forward.

Game supply is a vital component to a successful Field Trial and those Trials were the classic example of cooperation between Club and Shoot personnel. This was very obvious as Stuart and Club Field Trial Sec Enda Jennings in their capacity as Beat Stewards ran the day in a quiet and assured manner.

Game produced on the day consisted of Pheasants, Partridge, Duck, Woodcock and Snipe. Each dog had plenty Game to show their potential at all times. Judges for the Trial on 15th November were Mr. Liam Dundon (A) from County Limerick and Mr. Andrew Robinson (A) of Whaupley Cockers from Yorkshire. Mr. Anthony Smyth from County Louth was (C) Judge. A full card and reserves augured well for the future of working Cockers.

The morning dawned dry and overcast for the Trial on 15th November. A moderate breeze made hunting and shooting conditions ideal. The Trial started in bracken interspersed with small patches of loose bramble. As the dogs continued the consistency of the Ground became evident and also visible was the hunting quality of the Cockers. All dogs were more than able to deal with the terrain and it was really developing into a quality Trial. The guns were dealing with most of the Game produced and were shooting for the dogs. As in all Trials there were the unlucky/inexperienced dogs and handlers whose day we suspect will come.

A fine group of Cockers with handlers and tucked,- a equally fine brace.

As the day progressed the quality and polish of the real contenders began to show. The three Judges conferred and made up their books.

Speculation was rife, was there a clear winner or was there to be a run off? The Secretary called four dogs to water and we were still in suspense. As the steam rose from the backs of the dogs, the matter was finally settled and the results were as follows.

1st: Mr. Paul Murphy. Oldgang Ginger of Jackshea C.B.
2nd: Mr. Jason McGonagle. Sperrinside Breeze C.B.
3rd: Mr.Ken Lindsay. Bannbracken Bramble C.D.
4th: Mr. Domnall Creamer. Cheweky Gigges C.D.

At the presentation Field Trial Sec. Enda Jennings thanked the Shoot Proprietor, Judges, Guns, the Clubs Sponsor Trio Bloom Pet Foods and Competitors for a very sporting and enjoyable day. He wished the Winner every success in the Spaniel Championship. The Cocker Spaniel Club of Irelands Rathborne Cup was presented to first place, Mr. Paul Murphy and C.B. Oldgang Ginger of Jackshea. Both Judges were high in their praise of the Ground and the Game supply and also the hunting qualities of all the dogs on the day.

To quote one Judge "All dogs were having a real go!"

Both also complemented all involved regarding the very sporting attitude shown during the whole day.

The day concluded with the Lady of the Shoot, Trish extending an invitation to all present to some warm food in the very homely and comfortable guns room where the Craic continued for some time.

Presentation from CSCOI Field Trial Secretary, Mr. Enda Jennings.

1st - Graded Excellent - Oldgang Ginger of Jackshea, Owner: Mr. H. P. Murphy, Newtownards, Co. Down. Breeder: Mr. M. A. Wilkinson.

2nd - Graded Very Good - Sperrinside Breeze, Owner: Mr. J. McGonagle, Limavady, Co. Derry. Breeder: Mr. P. Cassidy.

3rd - Graded Very Good - Bannbracken Bramble, Owner: Mr. K. Lindsay, Helens Bay, Co. Down. Breeder: Mr. D. Kyle.

4rd - Graded Good - Cheweky Gigges, Owner: Mr. D. Creamer, Co. Dublin. Breeder: Mr. M. Whitehouse.

The Clubs second Trial took place on 24th November. Once again the weather was favourable with a dry morning but a stronger wind. The Trial commenced on different Ground but in almost identical conditions of bramble, heather, rushes and bracken.

The Judges on this occasion were Mr. Aidan Patterson (A) from County Antrim and Mr. John Dickson (A) from Scotland and Mr. Christy Murphy (C) from County Mayo.

A full card and reserves once again was most encouraging for the future of working Cockers. The Trial commenced with the dogs hunting an upwind beat and as in the previous Trial, the standard of hunting by all the dogs was top drawer.

Some dogs desire to get on with the job of finding Game meant some steering problems for their handlers while again there were the unlucky ones where things just did not fall into place. Such are the uncertainties of Field Trials and dogs that lacked the bit of luck on the previous occasion were able to shine on this occasion.

Jackie Burns with Woodstorm Butterball.

Once again the guns were well aware of the requirements for shooting for the benefit of the dogs. The Game supply was once again just right plentiful but not to the extent of a bird under every bush. Game came at regular intervals resulting in dogs meeting plenty but needing good hunting performances to produce the Game. This hunting requirement was visible in all the dogs. Some retrieving problems were to prove costly to some dogs on this occasion but another seasons experience will bring the required finish.

The Judges having gone through their books and spoke to the Secretary resulted in four dogs going to water. A clean water test resulted in the following results.

1st: Mr. Des Elliott. Abbylara Smarty C.B.
2nd: Mr. Paul Cromwell. Higherend Buzi C.B.
3rd: Mr. Ken Lindsay. Creccamarsh Ice C.D.
4th: Mr. Jason Mc Gonagle. Sperrinside Swift C.D.

The presentation of prizes and Trio Bloom Dog food were made to the award winners by the CSCOI Field Trial Secretary Mr. Enda Jennings. The Cocker Spaniel Club of Irelands Colonel Scott Moore Cup was presented to first place, Mr. Des Elliott and C.B. Abbylara Smarty. Enda thanked the Bracken Hill Shoot, the Guns, Judges, Competitors and all Stewards who helped on both Trial days. He wished the winner every success in the Spaniel Championship.

Both Judges expressed the view that the dogs were all good quality hunters and retrievers and the standard of dogwork was of a very high standard overall. Both Judges were agreed that the Ground and Game supply were of Championship standard.

The owner of the winning dog thanked everybody involved and on behalf of the Competitors made a presentation to Stuart and Trish. Mr Ken Lindsay on behalf of the Competitors also thanked the Shoot for putting at our disposal such fantastic Ground and Game supply and the generosity shown to all on both days. He also referred to the "Grand Sporting Occasions" that both of this year's Trials enjoyed at Bracken Hill Shoot and felt that Spaniel Field Trials needed such days.

Presentation from CSCOI Field Trial Secretary, Mr. Enda Jennings.

1st - Graded Excellent - Abbylara Smarty, Owner/Breeder: Mr. D. Elliot, Portadown, Co. Armagh.

2nd - Graded Very Good - Higherend Buzi, Owner: Mr. P. Cromwell, Banbridge, Co. Down. Breeder: Mrs. A. Marriot.

3rd - Graded Very Good - Creccamarch Ice, Owner: Mr. K. Lindsay, Helens Bay, Co. Down. Breeder: Mr. R. Deveraux - Biggs.

4rd - Graded Good - Sperrinside Swift, Owner: Mr. J. McGonagle, Limavady, Co. Derry. Breeder: Mr. P. Cassidy.

The formalities concluded with the presentation of a beautiful framed print of a Cocker scene to Stuart and Trish on behalf of the Cocker Spaniel Club of Ireland.

This pair would have their noses to the ground in the second after they are decamped.

The origin of the picture came from the Creamer family who have for so many years contributed so much to the progression of all breeds of Gundogs but particularly championed the interests in the Working Cocker in this country.

The Cocker Spaniel Club of Ireland owes an immense debt of gratitude to the commitment of Mr. Tom Creamer (a former IKC President) and Mrs. Kay Creamer (an equally respected International Judge), both Gundog protagonists, who having joined the Club in the 60's and with the mentorship of Dorothy Fagan, Violet Tynte and others of that time have championed the both the Breed and the Working Cocker Spaniel. Maybe we sometimes forget what Cocker Spaniel people like these two do, silently contributing so much on our behalf so we may now have the opportunities we are blessed with today.

In the 1970's, along with other like minded people, they were members of the committee that dedicated itself to the Club securing our first Spaniel Championship.

Our most sincere thanks to them both and long may they continue!

Creccamarch Ice, all eyes on Ken Lindsay.

Mr. Stuart McIntosh thanked all for their generosity and kind remarks and thanked the Club members for their help towards the Shoot on shoot days and indeed throughout the year. All then adjourned to the comfort of the guns room for the customary hot food supplied by our hostess Trish.

Pat Cox.

Assistant Field Trial Secretary


Mr. Enda Jennings with Rockfield Sally.

On Thursday 25th November 2010 the Cocker spaniel Club of Ireland held an Open Stake confined to Cockers at the Mulberry Shoot, Connolly, Co. Clare. by the kind permission of Mr. John Forde.

The Cocker Spaniel Club of Ireland is the parent Irish breed Club for Cockers and its running of Cocker Trials dates back to 1931. The Rathborne Perpetual Challenge Cup (first awarded in 1932) and the Colonel Scott Moore Novice Challenge Cup (first awarded in 1938) are competed for in the Clubs Field Trails. While interrupted by the Second World War and other occasional minor lapses over the intervening years, the trials most recently taken to heart and organised by Tom and Kay Creamer and were ran from 1989 to 2000.

Club Field Trials. A group at Colonel and Mrs. Scott Moore's residence at Kilbride on Saturday, October 24, 1931. It includes Colonel and Mrs. Scott Moore, Mr. J. A. Carberry, Miss. D. M. Fagan, Miss. V. Tynte, Mrs. M. F. Rathborne, Mr. W. Greenfield, Dr. J. W. Dawson, Mr. W. McCausland and Miss. M. Esmonde.

In 1994 the Three Counties Spaniel Club, with the permission of the breed Club, ran Cocker trials at the Nire Valley Shoot in Kilsheelan. Our hosts were Dermot Cahill and Patricia. Well known for their support of all breeds of gundog trials. Not even the smallest details were overlooked to ensure that the trials were the great success that they were. Dermot was one of the very first people I saw compete in A.V. Spaniel trails with a Cocker, a small black Cocker bitch, a daughter of F.T.CH Gwibernant Snake, one of the greatest Cockers of all time. When the trials started in Kilsheelan, Dermot donated the Nire Valley trophy for the running of Cocker trials. This trophy is now held by the Cocker Spaniel Club of Ireland on Dermot's request. From 1989 to 2000, Cocker trials were being run in Co. Monaghan on rabbits, at Slane Castle, the Nire Valley Shoot, and several other venues by the Cocker Spaniel Club of Ireland and the Three Counties Spaniel Club.

One recalls some of the names of dogs and competitors during those years. Mick Donelly with the liver coloured Nore Jake, Michael Finglas with Lagan Mill Donna, Domnall Creamer who was always the one to beat with his three dogs Risbrough Jet, Leighpark Lena and F.T.CH Larford Carp and my own Nancarrow Caribou and Moanruad Simon. Competitors and Judges at those trails included such well known personalities and prefixes in working Cockers, such as Peter Jones of Maesydderwen, Cyril Gwynne of Wernffrwd, Jim Edgar of Leighpark, Will Clulee of Larford, Jeff Nicholls of Weavervale and Hedley Millington of Nancarrow to name but a few. Recalling those trials evokes memories of good sporting occasions where sportsmanship and a sense of fair-play and enjoyment were of paramount importance.

Recalling the progress of working Cockers one must acknowledge the huge efforts of people like Tom and Kay Creamer who spend so much time organising, running and competing in Cocker trials and are still thankfully forwarding the Cocker cause. Their son Donal also acted as the Field Trial Secretary for many years and continues to compete in Cocker trials and tests. The West of Ireland Spaniel Club run a working test confined to Cockers in conjunction with their annual working tests at Turlough, Castlebar, Co. Mayo. The cause of the working Cocker has been greatly enhanced by the formation of the Northern Ireland Working Cocker Club who organise both trails and working tests confined to Cockers. The Donegal Spaniel Club has also run confined Cocker trials for some years.

Returning to the Cocker Trial of Thursday 25th November 2010. When I contacted John Forde he was very enthusiastic and extended an invitation to Enda Jennings, Assistant Field Trail Secretary of the Cocker Club and I to visit the shoot. The visit resulted in a tour of the shoot and an assurance of the availability of the ground chosen by us. The Club wish to thank John Forde for all his efforts and kindness to the Club. The Club also wish to express gratitude to TrioBloom Petfoods for their sponsorship.

The guns on the occasion were Mr. Dermot Cahill, Mr. Finbar O'Driscoll, Mr. Matt Bateman and Mr. Gerry Turner who really contributed to an excellent trial by shooting for the dogs which is very important in the success of a Field Trial.

The Guns, from left, Mr. Gerry Turner, Mr. Finbar O' Driscoll, Mr. John Forde, Mr. Dermot Cahill and Mr. Matt Bateman.

The Judges appointed were Mr. Liam Dundon, a very respected and long time A panel Judge, who always gives his assistance and encouragement to both Clubs and competitors. I had the pleasure of being his co-Judge.

Judges from left, Mr. Liam Dundon and Mr. Pat Cox.

The morning was cold but dry, resulting in ideal conditions. With the card of fourteen dogs the trial commenced. The ground consisted of rushes, bracken, heather, some hedges and some very testing cover. The game supply was plentiful but at the same time testing for the Cockers. The dogs needed to hunt to produce game. On my side the first dog in was Enda Jennings with Rockfield Sally. This bitch can really hunt and her ability to find game was evident on a very good find on a partridge. Some retrieving difficulties took from an otherwise good performance. Paul Murphy with the liver dog, Jack Shea of Ballyskeagh was next in. His hunting was good and a find and a retrieve completed his run. Domnall Creamer running Felix Romeo. A typical good going Cocker who could really hunt both in rushes and heather, producing game well but sadly temptation proved too strong and ran in. Enda Jenning's second dog Clodaghhill Raven. She ran a competent first run and produced game and retrieved before going over to Liam Dundon. Paul Murphy's second dog, Oldgang Ginger of Jack Shea, a black bitch with a nice hunting pattern went to the other Judge needing a retrieve.

A brief discussion between the Judges saw an exchange of the dogs and the trial continued. Des Elliott with Abbylara Smarty. This bitches pace, drive and style and her ability to produce game was of the top drawer. A number of finds and top class retrieves under severe pressure, left her staking a claim. Mike Finglas started his second run, another Cocker that can really hunt. Finding and retrieving a partridge and then a very good find on a second. Unfortunately her ground treatment and pattern left her carrying weight. Damien Newman with Mallowdale Kath of Maighmore brought what was already a good standard to next level. A very hard going Cocker, who took on hard cover and rushes, a long section of a hedge and gave a hunting performance of real class. A brilliant find and then a very difficult retrieved completed with one word of a command. She had to be in contention. Paul Cromell with Rathfort Anne showed real potential, her age and inexperience showed and but she is one for the future. A find on a pheasant resulted in a very polished retrieve. Mick Donnelly with Smokey Jane gave a very good hunting performance but she needed to cover more ground in her pattern. Very good in cover and a find on a pheasant gave her the opportunity to perform a very good retrieve across a river. She also had to be in contention.

Following a water test the following is the result of the trial:

Mr. D. Newman,
Co. Down.
MALLOWDALE KATH OF MAIGHMOR C.S.B. 01/02/2008. Handler Owner. Breeder Mr. D. J. A. Openshaw. Sire F.T.CH. Mallowdale Gun Dam F.T.CH. Darnell Divot Excellent
Mr. D. Elliot,
Co. Armagh
ABBYLARA SMARTY C.B. 17/04/2009 Handler/Breeder Owner. Sire F.T.CH. Maesydderwen Schimiter Dam Maesydderwen Snake Very Good
Mr. M. Donnelly,
Co. Dublin.
SMOKEY JANE C.B. 15/02/2006. Handler Owner. Breeder Mr. T. B. Healy Sire F.T.CH. Danderw Druid Dam Epsya Lucky Frisky Very Good
Mr. M. Finglas,
Co. Dublin.
MAIGHMOR JILL C.B. 16/05/2008 Handler Owner. Breeder Mr. D. Newman Sire FTAW Mallowdale Zebedee Dam FTW Maesydderwen Spice  

Winner Mr. Damian Newman receives The Colonel Scott Moore Challenge Cup from Mr. Domnall Creamer.

At the presentation Judge Liam Dundon stated he was amazed at the quality of the dogs and said that all the dogs that were given the second run were A category. Some dogs were unlucky and he said that was the luck of Field Trails. Overall, the day was considered by competitors and spectators to have been a great success. I would like to point out that some dogs and handlers were not mentioned due to the fact they were not seen by the writer.

Second Place Mr. Dessie Elliott.

Third Placing Mr. Michael Donnelly.

Forth Place Mr. Michael Finglas.

Arrangements for the holding of two Open Confined Cocker Stakes for the coming season by the Club are at an advanced stage and details will be posted on the Club website as soon we confirm venues and dates.

Anyone with an interest in Working Cockers in Ireland may obtain details from the Club website or by contacting myself at 00353 (0)98 21924 or 00353 (0)87 2454961.

Pat Cox.

Field Trial Secretary

Details of the North of Ireland Working Cocker Club can be obtained from their secretary, Mr. Pat Campbell, contact details via the breed links tab.


Founded in 1929. The parent Club of the English Cocker Spaniel breed in Ireland.

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