Club Trophies

Specials, Cups, Trophies, Salvers and Dishes and in the old days there was prize money, usually either 10/6 (annual subscription to the Club) or even the odd Guinea.

In this section we recall those people who have left us with something to remember them by and share with future generations of Cocker enthusiasts.

Please bear with us as this is an ongoing research project and not all trophies listed are current or fully detailed. If you have any details to add to this section, please contact the Club archivist.

The Lick Bla, Scott Moore, Tynte and "of Ware" pages are reasonable examples of what we wish to record, should you wish a guide to browsing this section.

Archer O'Brien Cup Ardfoy Cup Atkia Trophy
Barbary Shield Connolly Cups Creamer Cup
Mrs. Doherty Memorial Trophy Dowley Cup Graviabel Cup
Harmac Cup Hill Trophys Lick Bla Cups
Grace McDermott Trophy Of Merok Trophys Millner Cup
Mistelle Cup Moorish Cup Mulgeeth Cup
Noham Cup Of Ware Cup Rathborne Cup
Reaghbel Challenge Cup Regles Perpetual Trophy Revloch Perpetual Trophy
Rickard Cup Roche Cups Silver Slipper Cup
Scott Moore Cups Stewart Cup Tinvane Cup
Tynte Cups Leo Whiston Memorial Trophy Wilson Cup
Mrs. Woods Memorial Cup


Founded in 1929. The parent Club of the English Cocker Spaniel breed in Ireland.

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