Dublin Cocker Spaniel Society Championship Show Gallery 2011

Another wonderful Show and thanks to all who organised, assisted and of course partook in the Societies Championship Show.

Fun/Cute pics included in Class when they were taken. A small remembrance of our late friend, Trevor Stewart included at the end.

Dublin Cocker Spaniel Society - IKC Breed Championship Show


Breed Judge:     Mrs. Alicia Castro.

Junior Handling Judge:     Ms. Karen Murphy.


Baby Puppy Dog line up. (Left to right).

Thornbrook Lovesick Blues - Ms. L. E. Bailie

Acarreagh That's My Boy Sam - Ms. S. K. Kelly

Laveris Touch & Go - Mr. C. & Mrs. H. Laverty

1º Laverty´s Laveris Touch & Go. 4 month puppy of good proportions. Very good type. Nice head and neck. Very good fore and hind angulations. Outgoing temperament. Moves OK. Best Baby Puppy.

2º Kelly´s Acarreagh That's My Boy Sam. 5 months with very good type. Reasonable head and sufficient angulations. Merry temperament but needs ring training.

3º Bailie´s Thornbrook Lovesick Blues.


Thornbrook Monopoly

3º Bailie´s Thornbrook Monopoly..

Portnick's Lad

1º Conniry´s Portnick's Lad. Beautiful head but I´d rather better eye pigmentation. Well bodied up for his age. Good shoulders and front. Correct bent of stifle. Good coat. Needs to settle down in the ring.

Laveris Alfie Moon

2º Laverty´s Laveris Alfie Moon. 7 month-old with very good head and eye expression. Nice bone . Good top line and angulations. On the move could have more hock positive action.


Asquanne Galahad For Kerrijoy

1º Brennan´s Asquanne Galahad For Kerrijoy. Gorgeous puppy. Nice head and eye expression. Reachy neck and strong bone. Good front and shoulders. Firm top line. Glossy coat and correct presentation. Sound mover. I bet it will keep on winning. Best Puppy.


Hillview Brave Bugsy

1º Holohan´s Hillview Brave Bugsy. Correct type. Excellent bone and top line. Reasonable front angulation. Very good bent of stifle. Nice presentation. Moves OK. Slightly overweighted.

Lochdene Sand Man Golden

2º McEntee´s Lochdene Sand Man Golden. Typical exhibit with reasonable head, very good top line and correct shoulders. Very good knee angulation and good muscle tone. Good temperament and movement. I´d rather more cat-like feet.


Kerrijoy Valentino

2º Brennan´s Kerrijoy Valentino. Well constructed male with very masculine head. Very good bone and firm top line. Needs to develop on front. Excellent hind quarters. Nice presentation and correct on the move.

Acarreagh Lone Ranger

1º Kelly´s Acarreagh Lone Ranger. Nice head and shoulders. Correct top line. Well sprung ribs and very good fore and hind quarters. Good quality of coat. Presented correctly and moving with positive attitude.

Sunnerset Over The World In Lambeg

3º Stewart´s Sunnerset Over The World In Lambeg.

Cute Pic.

It would be impolite to comment, but lets just say Valentino puts the Joy in Kerrijoy?


Carjinbar Peekaboo Around Thornbrook

Cardamine Dare To Stare At Kerrijoy

1º Brennan´s Cardamine Dare To Stare At Kerrijoy. Excellent body conformation; strong masculine head. Well laid back shoulders, firm top line and short coupled. Nice bone. Well presented and moves covering ground easily. Reserve Green Star.

Incorrigable Kurt At Stiloga

3º Graham´s Incorrigable Kurt At Stiloga.

Templecarrig Gambler Boy

2º Knapp´s Templecarrig Gambler Boy. W/orange roan of nice type. Very good head and expression. Reasonable shoulders and well ribbed up. Correct bone and top line. Good fore and hind angulations. Could move with more animation.

Saidhbhín Marcos Dream


Kilivory Derby Lad

1º Baldwin´s Sh. Ch. Kilivory Derby Lad. Superb dog who has all the essentials of the breed. Excellent head and eye expression. Very good fore and hind angulations, level top line. Coat in very good conditions. Very well presented. True mover. Green Star and Best of Breed.

Kerrijoy The Black Panther

3º Brennan´s Sh. Ch. Kerrijoy The Black Panther.

Baysway Solar Prince

2º Kennedy´s Sh. Ch. Baysway Solar Prince. Typical male with very good head and eye expression. Firm top line. Ample bone and nice angulations. Moves OK. Could improve his picture with a deeper grooming on fore and hind legs.


Green Star Dog line up. (Left to right).

Kilivory Derby Lad - Mr. J. & Mrs. M. Baldwin

Cardamine Dare To Stare At Kerrijoy - Kerry Brennan

Acarreagh Lone Ranger - Ms. S. K. Kelly

Hillview Brave Bugsy - Mr. Padraig Holohan

Asquanne Galahad For Kerrijoy - Kerry Brennan

Portnick's Lad - T. & P. Coniry

  • Green Star Dog: - Kilivory Derby Lad
  • Reserve Green Star Dog: - Cardamine Dare To Stare At Kerrijoy


Devon Campbell with Lochdene Highland Fling

Ronan McLoughlin with Luscious Lois Lane

April Curran with Hillview Brave Bugsy

Leah Fitzgerald with Lochdene Sand Man Golden

Junior Handling Under 10 Line up. (Left to right).

Lochdene Highland Fling - Devon Campbell

Luscious Lois Lane - Ronan McLoughlin

Hillview Brave Bugsy - April Curran

Lochdene Sand Man Golden - Leah Fitzgerald

  • Best J/H Under 10: - Miss. April Curran


Junior Handling Over 10 Line up. (Left to right).

Lynwater Vanity Fair - Hanna Laverty

Hillview Julie June - Colleen Holohan

Unnamed Puppy (please let us know) - David McManus

  • Best J/H Over 10: - Miss. Colleen Holohan


Best Junior Handler line up. (Left to right).

Colleen Holohan

April Curran

  • Best Junior Handler: - Colleen Holohan

Fun Pic.

PAVLOVA!!! - Hannah and Chris enjoy the Presidential Pav.
Chris - it was the other hand that had the injured finger, If the photographer didn't know better, he would be upset!


Thornbrook Krystal Klear

1 º Bailie´s Thronbrook Krystal Klear. 4 month puppy with pleasing head and well ribbed up for her age. Good angulations. Her first day out. Promising. Reserve Baby Puppy.


Baysway My Blue Heaven

2 º Kelly´s Baysway My Blue Heaven TAF. Correctly balanced puppy with good head and eye expression. Good quarters. Needs to get more confidence.

Baysway Rhapsody In Blue

1 º McEntee´s Baysway Rhapsody In Blue. Very typical, with nice head and correct front and rear angulations. Correct bone. Well presented and good mover. Another one with good future. Reserve Best Puppy.

Cute Pic.

Presidential Socks!


Shadowside Magical Missy

1 ºBurke´s Shadowside Magical Missy. Nice bitch of 11 months with correct rib cage. Good shoulders and bent of stifle. Appealing colour. Good temperament. Moves OK.

Cute Pic.

After her Class, Shadowside Magical Missy puts the word out on twitter.


Ellie of Altore

Miz Hazie Fantazie At Benbreen

Lochranza Mamma Mia At Stiloga

1 ºGraham´s Lochranza Mamma Mia At Stiloga. Very typical, well rounded and with substance. Nice head and shoulders. Firm top line and ample bone. Correct fore angulation and excellent bent of stifle. Well coat and presentation. Good mover. My other candidate for Green Star. Reserve Green Star.

Stiloga Walnut Dash

Hillview Julie June

2 º Holohan´s Hillview Julie June. Very good top line. Strong bone. Reasonable forequarters and very good hind quarters. Moves well.

Lochdene My Shadow

Selnna Dark Crystal At Laveris

3 º Laverty´s Selnna Dark Crystal At Laveris.

Lochdene Highland Fling


Baysway Poetry In Motion

1 º McEntee´s Baysway Poetry In Motion. Clean outline presenting a nice picture. Excellent head, eye expression and lay back of shoulders with correct top line and proper angulations. Outgoing temperament. Moves easily and with very good stride. Green Star.

Luscious Lois Lane

Gardenstone Grins 'N' Giggles

3 º O´Shea´s Gardestone Grin's "N" Giggles.

Dreamist Deja Blue

2 º Tarpey´s Dreamist Deja Blue. Typical bitch with very good head and top line. Correct bone. Good fore and hind angulations. Correct handling but could be presented with better grooming.

Fun Pic.

So soon after Dublins Victory, Paudie just cannot help himself looking everywhere for that elusive Kerry win.

"AAAH Feck! It must be in here somewhere!!!"

(Webmasters Comment - UP CORK!)

Fun Pic.

Presidential PAV No. 2!
Kerry and that wee girlie get caught tucking in.
Honestly Tommy!


Laveris Midnight Lady

2 º Baldwin´s Laveris Midnight Lady. Pretty head and eye expression. Correct top line and angulations. Nicely ribbed up. Moves OK.

Stiloga Hop The Wag

Lynwater Vanity Fair

1 º Laverty´s Lynwater Vanity Fair. Pleasing head and eye expression. Correct top line. Very good angulations. Excellent coat and A-1 presentation. I would prefer more width on hindquarters while moving.

Cavalingo Show Stopper At Laveris

Manchela Born To Boogie

3 º McEntee´s. Manchela Born To Boogie.

Saidhbhín She´s Our Native


Lochdene Silver Thimble

2 º Kelly´s SH. Ch. Lochdene Silver Thimble. Lady of excellent conformation although presented with slight overweight and out of coat.

Pride of Baysway

1 º McEntee´s Sh. Ch. Pride Of Baysway. Honest champion that is not on the best coat condition.

Secret(arial) Devil

No Higher Res Pics allowed, this is a family Site after all, but this little Devil is not alone in the Cocker World. I wonder who this belongs to?

Fun Pic.

Chico must have known what was in store, behind John, he is just taking it easy while the Champion Girls are on parade. Or maybe he has seem the Tatoo!


Green Star Bitch line up. (Left to right).

Pride of Baysway - Mr. W. McEntee & Mrs. M. McEntee-O'Sullivan

Lynwater Vanity Fair - Mr. C. & Mrs. H. Laverty

Baysway Poetry In Motion - Mr. W. McEntee & Mrs. M. McEntee-O'Sullivan

Lochranza Mamma Mia At Stiloga - Ms. L. A. Graham

Shadowside Magical Missy - Mrs. Maureen Burke

Baysway Rhapsody In Blue - Mr. W. McEntee & Mrs. M. McEntee-O'Sullivan

  • Green Star Bitch: - Baysway Poetry In Motion
  • Reserve Green Star Bitch: - Lochranza Mamma Mia At Stiloga

Cute Pic.

Happiness is a Cocker to Cuddle!!!


Bottom left of the picture is the beautiful Best in Show plaque, kindly donated by our Show Judge. The plaque reads ...

"The Dublin Cocker Spaniel Society Championship Show,
Best of Breed,
October 1st, 2011,
Judge. Alicia Castro (Falstack)"

BIS Chico (Kilivory Derby Lad), - when asked commented he would ask for it to be hung above his bed and will ensure John and Margaret dust it daily.

Fun Pic.

John texting the Bank Manager to let him know he will have to reopen and make even more space in the Trophy Vaults!


Best Baby Puppy line up. (Left to right).

Laveris Touch & Go - Mr. C. & Mrs. H. Laverty

Thornbrook Krystal Klear - Ms. L. E. Bailie

  • Best Baby Puppy: - Touch & Go At Laveris


Best Puppy line up. (Left to right).

Asquanne Galahad For Kerrijoy - Kerry Brennan

Baysway Rhapsody In Blue - Mr. W. McEntee & Mrs. M. McEntee-O'Sullivan

  • Best Puppy: - Asquanne Galahad For Kerrijoy


Best Puppy line up. (Left to right).

Lochdene Highland Fling & Lochdene Sand Man Golden - Mr. W. McEntee & Mrs. M. McEntee-O'Sullivan

Acarreagh Lone Ranger & Lochdene Silver Thimble - Ms. S. K. Kelly

Stiloga Hop The Wag & Stiloga Walnut Dash - Ms. L. A. Graham

Lochdene Highland Fling & Lochdene Sand Man Golden

Acarreagh Lone Ranger & Lochdene Silver Thimble

Stiloga Hop The Wag & Stiloga Walnut Dash


Best Brace.

Lochdene Highland Fling & Lochdene Sand Man Golden - Mr. W. McEntee & Mrs. M. McEntee-O'Sullivan

  • Best Brace: - Lochdene Highland Fling & Lochdene Sand Man Golden

The Silverwear.

The days glory are alas short lived, the next show's results await, however for the few, this lot keeps the memories fresh for twelve months.


On Saturday, October 8th, we announced the untimely loss of Mr. Trevor Stewart (Lambeg).

Just six days earlier at this very show we had all greeted and shared the usual bustle of the show with him.

Trevor exhibited just the one dog although entering two to support the Show. - his beloved Sunnerset Over The World In Lambeg.

For those of us engrossed in the show, he just quietly slipped away, to head home after his class.

It is a measure of the man, who for 30 years loved his Cockers and as this island wrestled violently with its unhappy history, - knew no borders for the Breed and actively supported the Breed Clubs on this island as a whole.

A hour and a halfs drive each way just to support an Irish Breed Show and exhibit the one dog.

For those of us who didn't get to say goodbye on the day and those who knew him I include these last 3 pictures of this gentle man doing what we Cocker people do.

Think where mans glory most begins and ends,
and say my glory was I had such friends.

W. B. Yeats.


Founded in 1929. The parent Club of the English Cocker Spaniel breed in Ireland.

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