Munster Circuit Gallery 2011

A few Pictures to illustrate the Dogs shown on this years Circuit, Apologies to those few I did not get a chance to photograph.

Oh and in case the usual suspects thought they got away with anything, there are a few little moments caught further down to share with the Community.


Acarreagh Debonair.

Acarreagh LoneRanger.

Asquanne Galahad For Kerrijoy.

Asquanne Godgiven To Kerrijoy.

Baysway Poetry In Motion.

Baysway Solar Prince.

Cavalingo Show Stopper At Laveris.

Chavez Gaelic Connection At Forestpine.

Doonrock Golden Knight.

Gardenstone Grins N' Giggles.

Hillview Brave Bugsy.

Hillview Julie June.

Jeffellie Just A Feeling.

Kerrijoy The Black Panther.

Kerrijoy Valentino.

Kilivory Derby Lad.

Kilivory Lady Grace.

Laveris Midnight Lady.

Lochdene Highland Fling.

Lochdene My Shadow.

Lochdene Sand Man Golden.

Lynshow Sea Breeze.

Lynwater Vanity Fair.

Manaca's Cutting Corners.

Manaca's Here Comes The Sun For Wilmerella.

Manaca's Laid Out In Lavender At Wilmerella.

Miz Hazie Fantazie At Benbreen.

Miz Tilly Forilli At Benbreen.

Ryallcourt Keep In Touch At Kassan.

Saidhbhín Marco's Dream.

Saidhbhín On The Loose.

Saidhbhín She's Our Native.

Selnna Dark Crystal At Laveris.

Templecarrig Autumn Mist.

Templecarrig Gambler Boy.

Wilmerella TwistOf Fate.

Wilmerella Wind Of Fortune.



Lets pretend one of those ice creams was for Tommy.

If the winds were up in Clonmel.

This little lad would not have to had to pay his fare home.


Few Legal Judges could make you quiver so much, but this gaze from the Limerick Cocker Judge, CSCOI Officer and President of the Dublin Cocker Society should make your dog worry about their bladder control. An undisclosed source reliably informs me it is equally bad for those Judging their own Breed in their own country. She also thanks all those exhibiting under her for their support of the Irish Cocker Clubs and the Breed.

Gardenstone Grins N' Giggles.

Izzy is slightly worried about the Brush Paudie has in his hand, maybe its the angle of the shot but so were we!

Chavez Gaelic Connection At Forestpine.

Brian O'Sullivan with his beloved GSB and RBoB at Limerick.

Lochdene Highland Fling - Lilly,

and Maria might be looking at the same thing or not. A moment of relaxation while in the ring.

Hillview Julie June.

A moment not often captured or seen, that brief nanosecond between Daddy producing a treat and Daddy then counting to make sure he still has ten fingers!

Cavalingo Show Stopper at Laveris at RBG.

I'm a good girl - A very good Girl!

Lynwater Vanity Fair.

is not so sure about agreeing, but with a name like Vanity, she knows who is the prettiest girl.

The Baldwins.

Laughing all the way to the bank - with their Caché of RBG Trophies

The Best Handler of the Circuit.

Felicity and Amber show us all how it should be done.

And the Prize to prove it.

Felicity has now switched to Solids - Solid Gold Cockers that is!

Encourage the Future.

Chris shares some awards and experience.

Puppy Stakes at the RBG.

Ribbons everywhere!

Chilled Out.

The Cockers over, Catalogue Studied and Bobby still with an eye on the ring.

An Impression of Shade.

Blue Nun anyone?

Time to pack up and head home.

Tommy with his manbag - we will let you guess which it is.


Founded in 1929. The parent Club of the English Cocker Spaniel breed in Ireland.

From the gallery