The Of Ware Cup

The Of Ware Cup

Presented by

Mr. Herbert Summers Lloyd M.B.E.

First offered for the Club show in 1959 by Mr. Herbert Summers Lloyd MBE.

Over the years spent as secretaries of their respective Clubs, there had been much correspondence between our Miss. Dorothy M. Fagan and Mr. H. S. Lloyd. In September 1958, Miss. Fagan notes in the Club secretaries notebook.

And conditions set and noted by November 30th after the Clubs AGM.

In December 1958, Miss. Fagan notes a query from Mr. Lloyd.

Now; Miss. Fagan was not shy when it came to Club matters and specifically when subs were due. I think the following entry shows the respect Mr. H. S. Lloyd was held in by someone involved in Cockers almost as long as he was.

Needless to say, they had been in usual contact in the intervening period. The Cup went on offer for the 1959 show and our Club contributed to the Presentation made to Mr. H. S. Lloyd on his retirement. Subs, were of course resumed.


  • 1959 Limit Dog.
  • 1968 Best Limit Dog or Bitch.
  • 2009 Best Puppy in Show.


  • Canigou Fast Study

Mr. Herbert Summers Lloyd M.B.E.

"Of Ware" Affix adopted in 1906 after the town in Hertfordshire where the original kennels began.

The son of Richard Lloyd, himself considered a founding father of the English Cocker breed. Herbert Summers Lloyd, was born on April 1st. 1887. On leaving school, on his father's advice he was apprenticed to a printer, but such was his interest in the kennels that after two years in the trade, he left printing to devote his life to dogs.

The Kennel eventually moved to what must be holy ground for Cocker enthusiasts, the famous Swakeleys Farm, Ickenham in Middlesex.

H. S. Lloyd had a shrewd eye for judging the factors of pedigree, physique and function and both bred and purchased many principle cockers that still influence the modern Cocker.

In 1924 he published "The Popular Cocker Spaniel". He served as secretary of the UK Cocker Spaniel Club from 1921 to 1959 and was a dominant exhibitor for over 50 years, with such a light touch that gave the impression his dogs practically showed themselves.

During the Second World War, the War Office appointed him as technical advisor and head trainer at a school for War Dogs, which included mine detection dogs and their handlers. For this service he was awarded an M.B.E.

He often travelling by train to shows, especially in Scotland and Ireland and was an active patron, member and exhibitor with this Club.

He "retired" to "Ware Cottage", Maple Cross, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, and passed away on January 26th, 1963 leaving a legacy of over 200 Champions worldwide bred at or owned by the "Of Ware" kennel.

The Grandmaster, Mr. Herbert Summers Lloyd MBE in 1962.


Founded in 1929. The parent Club of the English Cocker Spaniel breed in Ireland.

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