The Tynte Perpetual Challenge Cup

The Cocker Spaniel Club of Ireland

Presented by Miss Tynte.

On its 21st Birthday April 1954.

For the best Any Colour cocker, dog or bitch Puppy, Junior, Maiden, Novice or Graduate class. Bred by exhibitor resident in Ireland.

Miss Violet Tynte, of Tynte Park, Dunlavin, Co. Wicklow. (Seat of the family home since 1741) offered this cup to the Club for 1954, in time for the Clubs 21st championship show requesting suggestions for conditions of its presentation.

On January 27th, Miss D.M. Fagan replied.

Febuary 2nd, 1954.


  • 1954 For the best Any Colour cocker, dog or bitch Puppy, Junior, Maiden, Novice or Graduate class. Bred by exhibitor resident in Ireland.
  • 1968 Best Cocker entered in Puppy Junior, Maiden, Novice or Graduate Any Colour classes bred by exhibitor resident in Ireland.
  • 1978 Best Maiden Dog or Bitch.
  • 1991 Winner of Maiden Bitch.


  • 1954 Mr. T. Foster's - Black Ashuex Bang Away
  • 1955 Miss. V. Tyntes - Trueman of Loughmogue
  • 1956 Dr. V.J. Doherty's - Pompey of Marvin
  • 1957 B. Montgomery's - Barbary Becharm
  • 1959 Miss. Fagan's - Lick Bla Banco
  • 1961 Mr. J.M. Buckleys - Tipstaff Cover Girl
  • 1963 Mr. T.J. Cardys - Coral of Reaghbel
  • 1964 Miss. Fagans - Lick Bla Benje
  • 1969 Miss. Fagans - Lick Bla Blondetta
  • 1974 Dolan's - Harlington of Regles
  • 19?? Dolan's - Regles Autumn Days
  • 1978 K. O'Kane's - Marymount Jennykist
  • 1980 P. Walsh's - Baysway Marlaine
  • 1996 H. Taylors - Ardbraccan Cascade
  • 2000 N. Hughes - Craigard Lady in White

The Tynte Puppy Cup

The Cocker Spaniel Club of All Ireland.

Presented by

Miss. Tynte

on her election as



also to mark her thanks for the generous support of all subscribers who came to the Clubs aid in 1956


Best Puppy Dog or Bitch.

(Possibly Barker Bros Ltd), Birmingham, 1927 Hallmark


  • 1956 Best Puppy, dog or bitch, not having won a Green Star. Resident in Ireland.
  • 1974 Best Puppy, dog or bitch.
  • 1978 Winner Puppy Bitch.


  • 1960 J. Buckley's - Tipstaff Covergirl
  • 1961 Mr. L. B. Smith's - Lisfannon Ashuex Black Charmer
  • 1964 Mahon's - (Noham) Orange Mist (of Regles)
  • 1965 Mahon's - Noham Batella Bashful Blush
  • 1966 Mr. G. Connon's - Scardroy Best Bet
  • 1968 Mrs. J. Mahon's - Noham Battledore
  • 1970 Mrs. Mary Trainor - Scardroy Victoria
  • 1971 Hevey's - Hardet Victoria
  • 1973 Mrs. A. C. Arnott - Lady Emma
  • 1975 Dolans - Indian Chief of Regles
  • 1976 Noel Whitty's - Susannah of Waterfall
  • 2000 Mrs. H. Hanna - IR.SH.CH. Evorg Sapphire at Rohego
  • 2003 McWhirter's - Quintavia Quizzical April

The Tynte Memorial Challange Cup

The Tynte Memorial Challange Cup

Presented by

Miss D.M. Fagan

Presented for the Club in 1964 by Miss D.M. Fagan, in memory of Violet Tynte.

  • 1964 Best Blue Roan bred by exhibitor.
  • 1978 Best Graduate Bitch.

Miss Violet Tynte

Miss Violet Tynte, of Tynte Park, Dunlavin Co. Wicklow, with some of the trophies offered at the Irish Cocker Spaniel Club´s 1958 Championship Show. Also in the picture is the notice board she introduced which shows results at a first glance.

Described in a recent article in the Irish times as "the indomitable Miss Violet Tynte, a fierce horsewoman and noted player in international women's golf", Miss Tynte was one of the original trustees of the Baltinglass Golf Club in 1927 and an active member of the Cocker Spaniel Club of Ireland.

It appears from the history of the Baltinglass Golf Club that Violet Tynte was the driving force behind the formation of the golf Club and served as its President.

Born in Kent in 1882, she learned her golf at City of Derry Golf Club, and grew up in the first golden age of Irish Ladies Golf.

The lady herself was no shrinking violet as she played on Irish Internationals teams in all but one of the years from 1905 to 1914. (Indo)

In 1903 the Gordon Bennett Cup motor race was hosted by the La Touche family at Harristown. The eccentric heiress of Tynte Park, Violet Tynte, was so impressed by the occasion that she went on to co-found the Royal Irish Automobile Club on Dawson Street. (Turtle Bunbury)

Violet passed away in Monday May 13th, 1963.


Founded in 1929. The parent Club of the English Cocker Spaniel breed in Ireland.

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