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Lick Bla Bernice

A orange roan bitch bred by Ms. D. M. Fagan, owned by Mrs. I. M. G. Agnew and exhibited by Mr. J. Agnew of White-house Park, Belfast . Born on 20/06/1955, from Chayn Janitor and Lick Bla Betsy.

The show was held Saturday, 02/04/1960, with 120 Class entries, which was a larger number than were entered at the annual IKC show in Ballsbridge that year. The Judge: Mrs. Joan Rothwell (Talwrn). Ring Stewards Mrs. Dorothy Discon (Graviabel) and Mr. Statton

The Reserve best in show went to another bitch exhibited by Mesdames Lowry and McGladdery, Commons Brae, Saintfield Road, Belfast.


Tireragh Mayfly

A black dog owned by Mrs. M. H. G. Kyle, Orangefield Crescent, Belfast.

The show was held at St. Saviors Orphanage, Lower Dominic Street on Saturday, 22/04/1961. Judge. Mrs. P. Tosh (Lochdene).

The Reserve best in show went to Mr. H. Bell of York Park, Belfast and his blue roan bitch Lovely Girl.


Bonshaw Brave Borderer

Owned by Mrs. Margo F. Dean of Bonshaw, Navan, Co. Meath.

The show was held in Oulton Road, Clontarf on Saturday, 07/04/1962, with 168 Class entries.The Judge was Dr. Ester Rickards of Windsor.

Mr. T. J. Cardy, Belfast took Reserve with his bitch Carol of Reaghbel.


Batella Blue Beard

A black and white dog, born 04/05/1963, owned by Mrs. M. V. Liston, Eglinton Road, Donnybrook. By Lochranza Hightrees Secret Remedy and Cara Dilis.

The show was held at the De La Salle College, Churchtown on Saturday, 04/05/1963 with 95 Class entries. Mrs. Judy de Casembroot (Treetops).

Lisfannon Asheux Black Charmer, a black bitch bred on 04/05/1960 by Mr. Tommy Forster took the reserve. By Sixshot Otto The Owl and Ashuex Black Abbess.


Greenglen Cheeky Rosina Gay

"Cheeky" - An orange roan bitch owned by Rev. R. L. Hutchinson of Downpatrick, Co. Down.

The show was held in Oulton Road, Clontarf on Saturday, 18/04/1964, with over 200 Class entries. The Judge was Mrs. Daisy Baldwin (Normanview).

The best in show from the year before Batella Blue Beard took reserve for Mrs. Margaret Liston in 1964.


Platonstown Lovely Cottage

A black bitch, owned by Mrs. May Snary, born 09/08/1963, from Lochranza Merryleaf Eigar out of Patbarossa Unity.

The show was held in Oulton Road on Saturday, 01/05/1965. Judge Mrs. Kathleen Orr of Southern Rhodesia.

Copperally Orange Puff of Regles gained the reserve title for Mrs. V.G. Clibborn from Clontafr.


Fairnhill Clover-Leaf

A black dog, owned by Mrs. M. H. Kyle of Orangefield Crescent, Belfast.

The show was held at the Archbishop Byrnes Hall, Harrington Street on Saturday, 23/04/1966, with 214 Class entries and 89 exhibitors.

Midday Sun of Henfor, a tri-colour bitch owned by Mrs. V. Hill took the reserve.


Midday Sun of Henfor

A black, white and tan bitch, owned by Mrs. Vera Hill, by Colinwood Wardance and Muffin of Henfor. Born on 25/09/1962.

The show was held at the Archbishop Byrnes Hall, on Saturday, 15/04/1967, with 204 Class entries and 81 exhibitors. Judge on the day was Mrs. Dilys M. Schofield (Scolys).

Mrs. M. H. Kyle's black bitch Fairnhill Sultan's Pride was reserve. Born 21/01/1966, by Quettadene Mark and Fairnhill Viola.


Craigleith A Taste of Honey

An orange and white bitch, owned by Mrs. L. M. G. Agnew. Born 31/10/1966 of Craigleith Cavalcade and Craigleith Mary Rose.

The show was held at the Archbishop Byrnes Hall, on Saturday, 27/04/1967, with 201 Class entries and 48 exhibitors.

NOVICE. A.O.C. I thought this young O/W bitch looked really beautiful, in wonderful coat and condition and showing really well; delightful head and eye, balanced throughout, lovely legs and feet, A few more months will see her matured in body, could not be denied B.I.S. by reason of her very good construction and sound movement.

Judge Mrs. Phyllis Wise (Astrawin).

Mr. J. Dunwoody's Orange Spinner, an orange roan dog bred by Mr. Cyril Purdy on 26/07/1965 gained the reserve. By Don Quixote of Douner and Silver Ash.

OPEN. A.O.C. Most lovely headed O/R. Very sweet expression all a dog but with lots of quality; good neck, splendid bone and ribs, strong quarters, sound mover, could show better. The bitchets sparkling movement beat him for B.I.S., nevertheless, a worthy Green Star winner.

Judge Mrs. Phyllis Wise (Astrawin).


Lick Bla Blondetta

Another of Ms. D. M. Fagan's orange roan bitches. Born 14/04/1967 by Cretoka Brave Bruce and Lick Bla Blondina.

The show was held at the Archbishop Byrnes Hall, on Saturday, 26/04/1967, with 200 Class entries and 84 exhibitors. Judge Miss. Pat Neilson (Noslien).

Mr. L. J. Connolly of St. Patricks Road, Ballysimon, Limerick gained the reserve title with a red dog of his breeding Roxley Red Romeo. Born 09/05/1966 by Branstock Flamboyant of Lochnell and Roxley Roulette.


Founded in 1929. The parent Club of the English Cocker Spaniel breed in Ireland.

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